Monday, January 31, 2011

24 Cardinals

Word has it we are in for and in the middle of a Winter Storm. That Storm will start out with sleet and ice, which we have already had. Then it will turn to Snow. Up to 10 inches are projected for tomorrow. And how do we know such things? We check into WeatherUnderground.

After checking out such things, Richard and I headed into town to make some quick purchases: Water, Onions and Green Peppers for Chili (which is now in the Crockpot). Richard stopped to top off the gas tank of his Car. We also stopped by a farm store to pick up Sunflower Seeds for the Little Birds and Chickens. We didn't tarry. And the other Humans didn't seem intent on tarrying either. We were doing what we needed to do and then we were out of there.

After lunch, Richard noted 24 Male Cardinals off the Deck. I think that is a record for us. Their brilliant Red makes them stand out against Winter's Subtlety, which includes Sleeping Plants and White Snow. A number of other Songbirds are there too.

Just before Storms, Songbirds, who have their own Weather Prediction systems, feed fast and furious in the backyard. Somehow they know. The Old Timers (of Human Persuasion) used to know. I think many of us yearn for that kind of knowing. Maybe, just maybe, it is coming back.

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