Monday, January 31, 2011

We're Not Alone

January 28:

Fog came in during the night. Under its soft Cloud, Fairies could be imagined to be touching almost everything with that beautiful and delicate Frost.

In the meantime, other Critters were busy doing their thing. On such amazing days, everything and everyone leaves tracks. The exception would be the Fairies making the Frost; at least, we Humans seem not to have the ability to see their Tracks. Or rather, is the Frost their method of Tracks?

Richard and I headed out on a walk on our Usual Path. These were some of the Tracks that greeted us. The 1st that we saw were our own.
Some Creatures seemed intent upon Whimsy. They are welcome here.Back near the House, impressions of Snow Angels were clearly visible. In fact, we caught one right there on the Ground. She requested the Camera so that she could show us the Snow Angel's View of the Sky. After she took the picture, she moved on to another Snow Angel Print.

We Humans may have our Name on the Human Title to this Land but we're surely not alone on this little Farm.

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