Monday, January 31, 2011

Places Everyone!

We Humans seem
more than a little Self Absorbed
in Human Doings.
We forget
we are imbedded
in a larger Natural System
which holds us.
Usually, She is relatively quiet.
Some days She roars.
Such days are coming.
Blizzard is forecast.
We 3 C's try to go
with the flow of such things.
We work on preparedness.
The North Dakota Experience
taught us to hunker down,
let Nature do Her Thing.
We 3 Humans try to sit quietly
in our Front Row Seats
for a Grand Play,
observing the Wonder and Awe
of Something Far Greater
than we can comprehend,
embracing the Smallness
of what it means to be Human.
And, Dear Melanie reminds
those of us who have been Adults a little too long
to remember to play.
"Places, Everyone!"
Glinda Crawford, 2011

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