Monday, January 31, 2011

The Local Snow Report

January 23:

We have had Snow beginning last night and into the early afternoon today. At moments, when we have looked out, we have the feeling that we may be living inside a giant snow globe as the Snow swirls around us.

Many of our friends in Nature have been busy today. The Birds have been hanging close to the Feeders in the backyard. And are they ever busy feeding. I love it when they are all fluffed up and when they nestle down to cover those feet. These are sure signs that the weather outside is cold. When the Humans head outside, we should surely bundle up.

Deer have been feeding along the edge of the South Woods. It surely must be the "Twins" who are yet small but they are also growing too.

Laddie, our Shetland Sheep Dog, loves this weather. Winter is his favorite season. While he is older now and does not get around like he did when he was a Pup, he loves sniffing in the Snow, following trails of Critters who have been visiting, and taking Snow Baths. I chuckle when I see the Snowflakes on his back. His coat gives him the best insulation. Those Snowflakes just don't melt until he comes inside. When he does come inside, we rub him down with a towel. He surely must wonder why we Humans do not have Coats like he does.

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