Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Book Friend

Hamilton, Carl. (1974). In No Time at All. Ames, Iowa: The Iowa Sate University Press.

Carl Hamilton recalls memories of growing up in the Midwest from 1910 to 1940. I bought this for Mother's birthday in 1975 when we were leaving Iowa State for the North Dakota Chapter of 32 years.

We 3 C's had a copy too. I was always drawn to it but never read it. The book just kept beckoning me from its place on the shelf over the years. I guess I needed to have some other life experiences before I chose to open it. I wonder if I bought one for Richard's Mother. I also wonder if Richard's brothers and their wives have seen it. It is a treasure.

Richard and I began reading it aloud last night. It awakened many sleeping memories and stories. You could call it tender connections to rural and farm living in bygone times. While neither Richard or I were "on the scene" during that time period, he could relate similar stories from his childhood growing up on the farm. Plus, those stories were frequently shared by our families when we were both growing up. The book also poses some questions and answers about earlier times in the histories of our families. I just love books like that.

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