Friday, January 14, 2011

Calendar Friend

Stella Natura: Working with Cosmic Rhythms: Inspiration & Practical Advice for Home Gardeners & Professional Growers. (2011). Kimberton Hills, PA: Camphill Village Kimberton Hills.

Detailed charts help in choosing best times to sow seeds, transplant, cultivate crops and harvest according to natural forces, mostly notably the influence of the moon. Calendar includes interesting reading as background for such approaches.

Admittedly we 3 C's are mostly novices on these things and have not used the calendar to its fullest. It is our trusty resource for planting and we do our best to follow it. During really busy times, we are not quite as rigorous. We do make exceptions for weather. "The rain's comin' and we gotta get those seeds in the ground." We do think that "planting in the sign" makes a huge difference and try to be respectful of that energy.

The calendar has a great space for keeping notes on what to plant and when. It is a guide for a time that really gets pretty busy and needs a bit of structure to help things flow.

Yikes. We better gets those seeds ordered. I need to begin planting Leeks and Pansies (among others) by the end of January. Gotta go.

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