Monday, January 31, 2011

Winter Preparedness

We carefully build
on our stash of Winter Preparedness.
These are long term issues.
We are not completely there,
but this is what we have so far:
Wood Stove in the Family Room,
Wood Stacked there too
(that means it will be warm and dry),
Gas Stove whose Burners
work with Matches as starter
(Oven won't),
Candles and Matches,
Flashlights with Batteries,
Radio with Batteries,
Old Phone
which does not require Electricity,
Plenty of Food and Water
(for Humans, 4 Leggeds and Chickens),
Plenty of Bird Food for the Wild Ones
(we must not forget them),
Ability and Contentment
to stay put,
Sense of Adventure,
A couple of Good Movies
(if there is Electricity),
Blankets (Wool),
Warm Slippers,
People we love
and with whom
we work as a Team.
Glinda Crawford, 2010

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