Saturday, January 15, 2011

No Room

This evening,
I went through Holiday Cards and Letters.
It's a loving ritual of spending time with Loved Ones,
putting the Cards away,
and moving into the deep of Winter
and looking ahead to the Spring.
I checked addresses carefully
so we have all of the updates.
I posted pics on the Fridge,
which now is covered with smiles,
and full.
I noted
that the B's, C's, and S's
of my address book
are overflowing.
I whimsically announced to my Family
we are no longer accepting family and friends
who are either B's, C's, or S's.
There is no room.
Perhaps you would go
by another name,
I would alphabetize by your 1st name
or your middle initial?
Glinda Crawford, 2011

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