Sunday, January 23, 2011

Floor Covering

January 20:
Today, the installers are here to put down the floor covering in the west half of the basement. We are using, Marmoleum, a natural linoleum product with jute backing.
Once again, we are on another adventure in choosing a less toxic alternative. We have chosen that alternative because we choose to create a less toxic home environment which has the path of least harm for the Earth, those who make and install the product, and those who may be on the other end at its disposal (which we hope will be many years down the road of course). And yes, once again, we have gone to Green Building Supply in Fairfield for the source of products.
And yes, once again, we find ourselves in a place of assisting craftsmen in the installation, since most products are the more toxic varieties these days. This is new for them and we are ever so grateful that they have said "Yes, we'll do it."
Some day and hopefully very soon, such choices will be commonplace. And we Humans in formerly what was called an advanced civilization will be left to ponder and scratch our heads: "What was that about? Why did we ever choose any other kind of product? Why didn't we take time to care?"
Melanie took the lead on this project. Richard chose the pattern which is called Caribbean. Folks at Green Building Supply are standing by to answer questions of the installers. Here we go.
Adventures, adventures, always adventures, inside and out, right here on our little Farm.

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