Saturday, January 8, 2011

Stretching and Growing

Sometimes Life seems too full.
Maybe we are simply being stretched,
we are being asked to grow.
Circumstances beyond our control
enter, intrude, erode,
demand space.
Stress increases.
Certain usual and customary foundations of Life
are overlooked,
Balance has changed.
Essential elements
are missing.
Over the last months,
we had not spent as much time
preparing Food.
Meals were quick,
an afterthought.
Meal times
lost their usual rhythm.
Blessings at Meals faded,
sometimes forgotten.
I missed our daily walks.
My usual focus and balance
in Nature
had softly faded.
In the swirl of the moments demands,
I had not even noticed changes.
In the noting,
a subtle shift is happening.
I am making a conscious effort
to reclaim
those foundations of our Lives.
I am saying "no" to some things
that can be set aside for now.
I am letting go
of the extensive and exhaustive list
of "to do's"
and my usual high expectations of myself.
That's hard,
but I am doing it.
I began fixing
our most favorite, nurturing meals,
those meals that wrap us in love.
I have been looking out into Nature a little,
which is more than I was doing before.
The Squirrels dance in the Trees
and tease me to come outside.
I am open to the growing.
I am grateful for all that is.
Glinda Crawford, 2011

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