Friday, March 11, 2011

51 Tons

We ordered 1 inch Gravel for our drive. It took 2 Truckloads, each load weighing 51,000 pounds. That means we got 102, 000 pounds of Gravel or 51 tons. Yikes. I suppose you could call that the price of a long drive.

The real price is borne by the Great Mother Earth. The Gravel is mined about 15 miles east of here, just southwest of Edina. I checked the site out on Google Earth. That's a huge scar and it was caused by our Footprint on the Land.

We did order the Gravel during a time of the Waning Moon. Supposedly, that means it will last longer. I suppose you could call it the best that we could do.

How does one say "Thanks"?

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