Monday, March 21, 2011


March 20:

Today was our special day to celebrate the Spring Equinox. Keren, Beth, Amanda, Adam, Deborah and Shivani joined us. Melanie announced that the Guests were arriving via Wagon pulled by sturdy Horses Solomon and Muse. I cannot express how filled with Joy I am when I see the Horses and Wagon (or Buggy) coming down our drive. That little Kid (who always wanted a Horse but never had one) just dances for Joy.

We spend a bit of time relaxing and connecting. Then we head to the table. I ask 2 questions and we have 2 rounds of responses: (1) What have you seen/felt that marks that beautiful shift of Winter into Spring? There's just no denying it. (2) That Life Force of the Earth is coming through every living thing. Buds on Trees, Shells on Eggs, and hard coverings on Seeds are broken open because that energy cannot be denied.
We Humans are not so different. We have little protective shells around us that we break through as the Life Force surges through us. In a word, phrase, or headline, what is an example of that New Life that is emerging through you?

We talk about the dishes that we each brought to the Feast. Richard made 3 forms of Lasagna with differences inbetween. All I remember in the moment was that he brought meat and vegetarian. The noodles were Gluten Free. Keren brought a beautiful Salad. Amanda brought Sour Dough Bread (whose original start was carried by Katrina from Tuscany Italy), Melanie brought Deviled Eggs, Deborah brought Garbanzos with carmelized Onions. Plus, Richard gathered Herbs and Shredded Carrots for garnish. To the greatest extent possible, the Food came from the Land and much of it was from this Season (including wild edibles). And I set the table with Mother's lovely dishes. We are richly blessed.Wren Song Folks offered a blessing of Song. Then we began to dish up and settle in. I always enjoy this stage of a Meal. Deep quiet and contentment seem to descend as Folks dig in.Afterwards, we went out for a walk on the Land. We walked around the Paths that Richard has created. We managed to find and enjoy each of the Benches along the Way.And then, it was time for Dessert. Keren made lovely Custard from Goat Milk, Eggs, and Goat Cheese. Melanie had made a wonderful Carrots Cake which she placed on the Cake Stand that was her Great Grandmother's. That Hybiscus Bloom opened just in time.We relaxed a while longer, enjoying conversation and company. Then Amanda announced it wasa time to head back. Once again, Solomon and Muse were ready and up to the task.What a glorious day.

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