Friday, March 11, 2011

Tender Starts

March 4:

On this beautiful early Spring Day, we headed into the Garden. This was our 1st trip into the Garden together after the long Winter, which may still pay some visits to these parts. We each had a Cup of Tea in hand. Melanie had made Peppermint Tea which was grown right in this very Garden. In addition to the Tea, we were laden with contemplative thought. A new Gardening Season is beginning.

We noted anything Green amid the Straw. To our delight, the Garlic is just beginning to poke through the Straw.

We considered where we would plant what. When we got back inside, I checked my notes on rotation, which shows what crops will best follow another. I could do a little more work here.

This day was almost a ritual, even a prayer. The Plants and we Humans have made it through the Winter, for which we are deeply grateful. We look forward to a wonderful time of growing and sharing ahead.

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