Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Motion, Motion, Motion

Everything is in Motion.
The Sun rises
and sets
in what seems like a race
toward its Northern Reach.
The Sun is stronger.
In early evening,
Orion is descending
into the southwestern sky.
Blues and Snow Geese fly overhead
in undulating waves.
Canada Geese are pairing up.
Their lovely calls
reverberate across the land.
Woodcocks arrived yesterday.
This evening
they were "peenting"
in their enchanting aerial display.
Likely, they are the same Birds
we had at the Farm last year.
They may be speaking among themselves:
likely those are the same Humans
who were here before.
We look to the Sky,
welcoming them.
They look back at us,
their companions.
The Humans are in motion too.
Seeds break through Soil;
Seedlings emerge.
Ginger, the youngest of Hens,
proudly offers up her little Pullet Egg.
Hennies are offering up more Eggs:
16 is not uncommon.
Red Winged Blackbirds are back.
Bluebirds are on Territory,
Cardinals too.
The Carolina Wren is singing.
Red Tailed Hawks are migrating.
Snow is melting.
Water is making its way downstream.
Soil is moving.
Touches of Green emerge
tentatively from the Soil.
Everything is in Motion.
Glinda Crawford, 2011

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