Friday, March 4, 2011


This morning, Richard observed that the "Twins" (Fawns from last year) ran out of the woods almost to the Drive. He was concerned something might be after them. And just about then, the School Bus did go by.

But the Twins did not stop. They actually seemed to be playing with each other. And it was a fine day for play. They ran from the Woods to the Drive and back again a total of 4 times. Richard was pretty eager to report of their adventures to Melanie and me. I hope they do this again because I surely don't want to miss it.

We have watched those Twins grow this last year. We first saw them early in the Summer. They are a delight. (I wonder what they might say of us?)

Later in the day, we had a lot of rain. Usually the Chickens head for cover in the Rain. But not today. They were out running and eating throughout the downpour. They were pretty soaked, but seemed quite happy and content.

The Critters on this day seem to be reminding us: "Don't forget to play." I usually try to look for lessons in Nature. Yes, Play is important.

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