Monday, March 14, 2011


March 9:

I love Red Geraniums. My Mother loved Red Geraniums. Her Dad loved Red Geraniums. And her Grandmother loved Red Geraniums.

I just found a picture from the early 1900s of my Great Grandmother's House, banked by pots of prolific Red Geraniums in the front. They must have been beautiful. Some things are surely meant to be passed down.

In the fall, I gather in the Geranium Plants, just like my Mother taught me (and her Father taught her). I shake off the Soil, and hang them upside down in the dark Basement. In the early Spring, I put them in pots. Over time, the tiniest of Leaves with their characteristic soft gray-green Foliage begin to sprout.

I just don't know how the Geranium does that. It is seems strange to me that the Plants could be out of the Soil for many Months, retain the Life Force, and then be ready to go again. We Humans think we know a lot. But in the grand scheme of things, we know far less than we think.

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