Friday, March 11, 2011

Cedar Apple Rust

While I was doing some work in town on this day (March 10), Melanie and Richard headed on a walkabout to check the Cedar Trees for Cedar Apple Rust. At this Season, Cedar Apple Rust is present on the trees in a compact, firm ball-like form. As the Season moves on, the Rust gets bigger and breaks open, distributing fungal spores which infect Apple Trees (Leaves and Fruit), leaving scabby looking spots.

Richard and Melanie carried a plastic bag in which to place all the Cedar Apple Rust they could reach. The ones you see in this bag ranged in size from that of a pea to 2 inches across. The 2 of 3 C's left the bag on the back table for me to take this picture.

After this photo shoot, Richard tied up the bag and put the bag in the garbage. Early next week it will be on its way to the landfill. We try to recycle and compost as much as we can. But we send disease off the Farm.

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