Friday, March 4, 2011

Leaf Day

February 25:

These days we are keeping a watchful eye on the Biodynamic Calendar for optimal planting times for Root, Leaf, Flower, Fruit. Yesterday was "Leaf Day". So I planted Cabbage Seeds in my Flat which Richard made for me. The varieties were: Henderson's Charleston Wakefield (good for the South), Danish Ballhead (good for Kraut), Copenhagen Market, Early Jersey Wakefield. My reading suggests that these are varieties do well in the early season. I have another stash held together with a rubber band: "Plantings for Fall Cabbages".

I have to admit: My Cabbage seeds were packed for 2008, 2009, and 2011. I did plant them in abundance. We shall see how things go. We 3 C's specialize in what we grow. Cabbages are my thing. Having never grown them before we moved here, I have a lot to learn. Continuously growing the same crop permits one to focus more on the details emerging over time.

I am by no means an expert. I have hardly dipped my foot into the water. The Cabbages would nod their heads knowingly in agreement. My Cabbages have shown themselves to be patient teachers. I wonder what lessons they have in store for me this year. I shall wait and see.

You will also note that I am potting Coleuses which I had taken as cuttings. Two varieties come from that last year Mother had a garden at her house. They are very special to me.

The 3 C's are not going into this growing season with full energy reserves. Yes, we have planted fewer Seeds and yes, we sometimes are a little slower in getting them started. We are trying to be respectful of the energy reserves that we have. So we are cutting back, which is a good thing. I couldn't give up my Cabbages or my Coleuses.

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