Monday, March 21, 2011

Random Acts of Kindness

Richard's nephew Bobby and his wife Jodi had a Fish Fry over at the Crawford Family Farm last Saturday night. Deleta had called to let us know about the doin's. Quite a crowd had gathered, which included Family and more besides The Food and Company were great.

We are rarely all 3 gone from the Farm. We really don't even like to leave the peace and tranquility of the Farm, Richard especially. It's just too special here to be gone for long. Plus, we don't like to leave the Animals. There's Varmints about and there are chores besides.

When we returned, Richard noted Horse and Buggy tracks on our drive. We were sorry we missed our company. After we settled in, he opened the back door and discovered that the Visitors had left fresh Homemade Bread between the backdoors. We just smiled.

The thought that a Neighbor Family had taken time to make Bread for us and stop by was very special indeed. We weren't sure who it was, but today found out that our Amish Neighbor Meno had dropped it by. The thought that Bobby and Jodi (with lots of help) had offered a Fish Fry at their place was really special too.

I remember Nancy Burrows used to have a bumper sticker that said "Support Random Acts of Kindness". I would agree. Such acts just make our World a better and more loving place. Now that's the kind of World I choose to create and I choose to live in too.

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