Friday, March 4, 2011


On this beautiful day, we headed for a walk into the Garden. At 1st glance, the place looked pretty brown and dead. Looking more closely, we discovered much magic with plants emerging in many places.

In the Herb Garden, I put my Cup of Tea down for a closer view. Yep, that's Garlic poking its heads up. Vernell's Garlic plants are obviously pretty eager for the Spring. Vernell and her family were neighbors of Richard's family when the boys were growing up. She gave me a start of her Garlic years ago when we were just beginning Gardening up North. When we moved 4 years ago, I was very careful to bring a start with us. So, there it is, all healthy and robust. I think Vernell would be pretty pleased about that. I know that I am.

Looking through the litter of the dead vegetation, I note with glee that Pansies are ready for the new season. As is typical, plants are staying very close to the soil line. Winter has not yet let go of her Grip. Staying hunkered down in the Soil seems like a wise idea.Catnip is up. Melanie found Parsley. Chamomile is up and ready to go. That plants is abundant. I found Cilantro in the Herb Garden. It is big enough to actually make a Mexican supper soon. We smiled.

We found Leeks. This will be their 2nd year, which means they will be making Seeds. I am pretty tickled about that. Melanie found Radicchio. Oregano and Thyme were pretty excited about growing. Mums are sprouting at the base of the plants. The Prairie Smoke is looking robust; it is among the earliest of the Prairie Plants in our Prairie Garden. Richard planted Wheat in the Cane Field as a green manure crop. Garlic is up.Chickens were enjoying their little junkets into the parts of the Garden which were not fenced off. They scratch, leave wonderful poop, and eat bugs and grubs. As always, they were curious about what we were up to, following us on our adventures.Throughout the day and into the mid afternoon, the Chickens were enjoying the dry Soil on the south of the Shed. Dirt Baths were in order. That surely must be a luxury.

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