Wednesday, July 2, 2008


We Humans are a very small part of a living system far grander and more finely tuned than we can know. This system is the Creation of a Great Master. Since the beginning and extending from now into the future, this Grand Earth has its own laws and a sense of order to support countless life forms.

Historically, many adults from Western Euro-centric backgrounds have become disconnected from the wonder and magnificence of our Earthly Home. Sadly, Nature has become object. In these hands of indifference, our destructive powers seem to know no limits. Our arrogance and insatiable greed have led us to believe we can do anything to the Earth and there will be no consequences. Consequently, we have developed systems which have drastically altered the Web of Life of the Home we share with countless beings and the Home we pass on to future generations of Life.

So where did this come from? Our way of thinking arises from our culture which is Western Euro-centric. At its base, our thinking is "anthropocentric", "human-centered", "self-centered". On that path, we've become greedy and self-absorbed in our quest to meet first and foremost our own needs. We are unaware of the pain we cause in the world around us. Curiously, these are traits we find objectionable in others and defects we work to change in the children who have been entrusted to our care.

We forget Nature always wins. To choose to be outside that Circle of Life (and those Laws of Nature) is to create paths increasingly difficult for us and countless others both now and in the future. To stay outside this Circle is to walk away from our "life support". Now why would want to do that?

It is time for a change. This separation from the Earth or domination of it are ideas which are not universally held by all peoples nor are they universally held by all those from Western Euro-centric backgrounds. So what are other choices?

We need to switch to a "bio-centric", "life-centered" orientation. We need to embrace the infinite wonder and story of this Home. We need to pay attention to Her Laws and embrace them as our own. That is a Homecoming of Humans for which all of Creation awaits.

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