Tuesday, June 9, 2009


As we garden more, I am struck by how complex the Craft is. Those Old Gardeners were Wizards. What they knew was extraordinary. They had to, because the Food they grew was what they ate and what they needed to survive. They knew where their Food came from: It came from the Earth. It came from their Hands and their Hearts working in tandem with the Living Energies of the Earth.

I find it hard to believe that as a so-called Modern Society we have passed that knowledge of growing Food to Corporations. Whatever "Modern" means, that seems a major slip. The principal goal of most Corporations during our times is not to feed us Healthy Food or sustain the Earth which supports our being, but rather their own bottom line.

In reflecting on these things, I see Accountants counting and holding Bags of Golden Coins while something very important gets dropped. I feel like we are part of a whole line of Relay Runners who are dropping the Baton before Essential Knowledge is passed to the next Generation. We do not count ourselves in that lot. We are reclaiming all that we can. The Learning Curve is steep.

We 3 C's are Novices in the scheme of things. We come with the commitment to Grow the Food we eat and to Grow and to be Loving Tenders of this Land which supports our Being.

Since we intend to grow as much of our own Food as possible, we have tried to grow many things. The more we grow the Food we eat, the more we see just how Complex that system is that that supports that one Food in that one Moment in Time. Maybe we should have started out simpler.

I love Cabbages. Maybe I should just become a Specialist this year in growing Cabbages: "Cabbage-Ology" as Melanie says. I shall learn and grow one humble step at a time.

I kind of chuckle. Rather than 1 year or 1 day, I could spend my Whole Life studying Cabbages. In some ways, I think the Earth just said: "Gotch Ya!" I got caught. My background as a Human in this High Speed Society thinks all such things should be a quick fix. Since I am a Human with my Superior Brain, I should get on top of it in a hurry.

The Web of Life is a lot more complex than that. I repeat: I shall learn and grow one humble step at a time. I shall be open for the teachings. I shall find time to chuckle too.

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