Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I am absolutely struck by how very small Humans are. On Butterfly Hill Farm, we sit in the middle of an open space of land. From East to West, we can see from Horizon to Horizon. The North and South Exposures are framed by Woods. Clearly, our view of the Sky is immense.

Some days, the Sky is a solid expanse of vibrant Blues. Other days, we have brush strokes of Clouds on a Canvas of Blues. Those Clouds are in perpetual motion and perfectly placed by some Master Painter's Hand. Recently, we have had masses of Gray Clouds bumping about in the Sky like those bumper cars we used to ride at Carnivals and Fairs. The subjects of Sunrises, Sunsets, and Night Skies must surely command their own entries.

We had a downpour today. Richard was at the Farm while Melanie and I were making our way home. In between Rains, he met us on the West Side of the House. He said that during the Storm, Lightning was striking all around. The Lightning was so close that Thunder came almost at the same time. On our way Home, Melanie and I had encountered torrents of Creeks on either side of the Road. At one place, Water was running over the Road. The usually Peaceful and Idyllic Countryside had shifted on the Whim of Nature.

Last evening, we were finishing chores. We had stayed inside during the heat of the Day and were eager to attend to things that needed doing. From his position on Betsy the Lawn Tractor, Richard was quickly and skillfully mowing the Lawn on either side of the drive. Melanie and I were getting in some much needed time in the Garden. This was Flower Time, so I had my bundle of Seeds and my Plans.

Nature had not been consulted in our Human Plans. We could see Dark Clouds boiling in a straight line from East to West across the Northern Sky. In no time at all, the Wind direction changed, and that Wind did blow. The intense Heat of the Day cooled dramatically with 1 breath of the Wind. We knew we were in for some weather. In short order, we put away our tools, Melanie got the Chickens ready for bed although they were not going in yet, and the 3 Humans abruptly headed inside.

Humans seem to spend considerable time devising strategies to make them seem Big. Mostly, they stay hidden in the Human World. But in all that is, we are exceedingly small.

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