Monday, June 22, 2009


Heat advisories are posted this week from Monday through Wednesday. The ground is still saturated from all the Rains. We have made some progress weeding but have a lot to go. Add the Heat to the Moisture of the last few weeks: you get heavy, oppressive air and a time for Humans to work smartly.

These days, we are outside early and late in the day. This morning, Richard mowed and Melanie weeded some of the Flower Beds on the West Side of the House. Customarily, we use the grass clippings from the push mower to cover bare soil around Plants. This smart little trick keeps the Weeds down and keeps the moisture in which nourishes Plants. Otherwise they go into stress reactions. We don't want that.

I worked on Garden Beds on the West Side of the House. And I studied how I might do outside chores (like weeding) and take advantage of the shade and cooler times in various sections of the yard. It reminded me of being in Egypt where we took advantage of every sliver of shade.

Melanie worked on one of her garden beds. Her goal was "1". So she stopped at that. Every little bit of progress is celebrated.

For the extended time in the middle of the day, we stayed inside. Activities included: some computer work, baking, getting ready to deliver eggs, resting, reading, laundry. I chuckle about the laundry. Yes, I did hang it outside. Those Tea Towels were dry by the time I finished hanging up that load of wash.

We drank lots of fluids. And we experimented with 2 different kinds of Iced Tea. We paid close attention to the Pets and the Chickens, making sure they had plenty of water.

This evening, the 3 of us weeded 2 garden beds on the West Side of the House: the Prairie Garden and the Herb Garden. We talked about the possibility of mowing a little over the next few days and using the grass clippings to protect the plants. I think the plants thought that was a good idea.

Plain and simple, it was a glorious day.

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Julesmom said...

I so enjoy reading your commentary, Glinda. Yes, Father's Day was a hot one, but we had a nice breeze on our south deck. Dad and Mom came up and we sat outside and just gloried in the green-ness of the world around us. I had my 16 month old grandson who delighted us with his ready smile. Thanks from Schuyler County, Cindy W