Saturday, June 6, 2009


I loved to skip Rocks as a Child. I was told that my Grandfather Fred Albert Brenz was very good at that. He died before I was born so Stories and Gifts of Him are especially precious.

My Family tried to pass on to me the skills of that trade. I needed to find flat Rocks and I needed to launch them into a Pond just so.

The Wonder of the Child was mesmerized by such a simple feat of watching those Rocks skip across the Water. I tried over and over again. I got better. I think I need some more practice.

One Lesson which was not lost on me came from watching the Ripples that the Rocks would create. Those Ripples would start out easily pronounced and then soften as they extended almost forever across the Water. I could imagine that they would eventually touch some distant Shore and perhaps return again.

Over the years, I have watched simple Humans Actions. People initiate actions which have a Loving Intent. Or otherwise. Those actions skip across the Water. The Ripples they create extend well past the immediate interaction and into the Big Pond.

Such reflection makes me think about the Actions I wish to create upon the Big Pond. While the Hardened Adult that once was Me has often been caught up in Power and Control Games, the Innocence of the Child and the Inherent Loving Nature of the Adult has yielded to something different. The actions I desire to toss into the World are ones of Love and Kindness. I can imagine their effects extend forever. Why would I even consider anything less?

While we were at the Farmer's Market today, Jennifer from Peony Acres spontaneously gave us Peonies to share at the Nursing Home and to enjoy in our Home. An unexpected gift (which is the best kind), those Bouquets of Peonies left trails of smiles in Mother's Room and through the Hallways of the Nursing Home where Residents and Staff share precious Life. They also radiate smiles here at Home on the Farm. For all these magical things, we are deeply grateful.

Yes, such things are just what we came here to do. I need to keep Practicing.

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