Friday, June 19, 2009

Farm Insights

One of our Hennies
died during the night.
Richard found her
when he was letting out
the Parade of Chickens
this morning
Her name was "Sunny".
She was named after "Sunshine".
Sunny was one
of the few Big Chickens
that we have.
When we were out and about in the yard, she'd peck
on a Human Companion's Leg,
as if to say:
"Would you hold me?"
She loved
to be held.
In recent weeks,
she had problems with her Eyes.
One Eye dilated
and the other didn't.
We didn't know why,
but we knew something was not right.
We wonder
if she had problems
with the heat
because of her size.
We will miss her.
Freddie the Rooster was upset.
Life and Death
the Circle of Life
seem ever present
on this Little Farm.
Glinda Crawford, 2009

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