Friday, June 5, 2009

Little Kid

As I have moved through my Middle Years, I have concluded that Adulthood is over-rated. We fly through and get pushed through our Childhoods so we can become Adults. Adults get and stay far too serious and for far too long. It becomes a weary load that seems to extend into Forever. Such thinking and doing likely accelerates our Ageing. Now why would we want to do that?

The Little Kid in me is still there. And She needs some attention. That Little Kid in me sometimes comes up with some playful Gardening suggestions. How about planting some of my favorite things? Would they grow? How about Tapioca Pearls? I love Tapioca Pearls and I should not ever want to run out of them. How about Buttons? I adore buttons. I am not crazy about the plain Black, Brown, or White Ones. Our World has far too many of them already. I like the fun kind that come in all varieties of shapes and sizes: Flowers, Bows, Bugs.

One could argue that such Plantings are for naught. The Little Kid just smiles and whimsically looks up at me as if the Adult that is Me thinks I know more than I do.

And, by the way, we just this week purchased the Native Shrub "Button Bush". Just what do you think might be an outcome of such a planting? Somehow, even the Adult in me retains the Hope, Whimsy, and Wonder of that Child. Both the Child and the Adult that is Me will watch this lovely Shrub intently.

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