Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Helen and Bertha

We name everything around here. Why shouldn't we? Humans are always naming themselves. Why shouldn't we name other things too?

I am really proud of my Cabbages. They are looking quite beautiful in the Patch amidst their Companion Plants. I have had my eye out for the 1st Cabbage to make its way onto the Table. I knew right away which one that would be. And I named her Helen.

Yesterday, we had a Guest. Bob Handley, a friend from my childhood, joined us for some very special shared time on the Farm. In honor of this auspicious occasion, I chose Helen to become Cole Slaw. She was absolutely wonderful. In fact, she was so good, she lasted just 24 hours in a variety of dishes. I have never had such a good Cabbage.

So my eyes were set on the next Cabbage. I chose "Bertha". Both of these seemed like sufficiently vigorous and substantial names for my Lovely Cabbages. Melanie weighed Bertha on the scales that belonged to my Great Grandmother Matilda Waibel Brenz, who used the scale to weigh the Grapes that she sold. Our Bertha weighs in just shy of 4 pounds. How wonderful.

Bertha is going to become a wonderful fermented version of Sauerkraut from Sally Fallon's Nourishing Traditions cookbook. Melanie is making Cheese today so that we can have the Whey, which we need for the Kraut.

Life is good here on Butterfly Hill Farm. Very good. The Season of abundance of the Earth is in Full Swing. We are filled with gratitude.

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