Saturday, June 27, 2009

Evening Chores

After the Afternoon's retreat from the Heat, a refreshing reconnection with Danica, and our evening meal, we 3 C's headed back to the Garden. Our ever watchful eyes kept drifting toward the west as Rain is once again predicted.

If we could just have few more days without Rain, we would make progress against the Weeds. That would feel ever so good. But we can control none of that. We need to just be with what is.

For this Evening, each of us focused on chores which needed to be done. Richard finished weeding the Sweet Corn and the Carrots. Melanie made progress staking up her Tomato plants. Today was "fruit day", so Melanie planted extra soybeans. I replanted several varieties of Edible Dry Beans. I wondered if Dorreen knows about these Arikara Yellow Beans.

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