Monday, June 8, 2009

Garden Is Mostly Planted

June 3:

To our relief accompanied by our profound gratitude, most of the Garden is planted. Through this whole process, we are continually reminded that we small Humans are not in charge. We must go with Nature's flow.

Planting has not been easy, yet it has also been blessed by all the Rains. When conditions were just right, we would plant. Of course, we were paying attention to the biodynamic calendar, planting when optimum for "Leaf", "Root", "Flower", "Fruit".

While the Rains pushed back other plantings, those Rains blessed the Plants and Seeds we had just placed in the Soil. Little Seedlings are emerging. Those Plants know the difference between the Blessings of Rain and Human Handling/Sporadic Watering of City Water.

Only "Flower" is left to complete. With a little luck, "Flower" should be complete in the next couple of days.

In the meantime, we make regular excursions around the Garden to check progress. "Carrots are up!" "Where are those Parsnips?" "Those Tomato Plants are really settling in." "Look at those Cabbages grow!" "Potatoes are up but spotty." "Bean seedlings are emerging." "I see a Pea Pod ready to eat."

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