Friday, June 19, 2009

Get Attached

In reflecting on the loss
of the Henny this morning,
I hear a Voice
I have heard since I was wee small:
"Don't get attached."
"You'll never make it
if you are going to get so attached."
Plain and simple:
I disagree.
Yes, we got attached to Sunny.
And yes, we feel a loss.
We will miss her Sunny personality
on the Farm and in the Yard.
We will miss her tap tap tapping
on our leg.
We know Death is
part of that Great Circle of Life.
Numbing ourselves to Death and Pain
in our Animal Kin means
we overlook the Web of Life
that supports our Being.
Numbing ourselves
to the Pain and Suffering of the World
is the first step
toward leaving a Trail of Destruction.
Our Species and our Kind
have done too much of that.
We choose not.
Glinda Crawford, 2009

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