Thursday, June 25, 2009

Grape Arbor

My Dear Husband Richard built this beautiful Grape Arbor from Native Trees on this little spot of Land. He set the posts on one of those special days when putting in fence posts is "in the sign". We didn't want to take any shortcuts here.

Richard just finished the Arbor today. The Grape Arbor was at my request and is a Gift from him and from the Trees on this Farm. In this case, the Trees are Osage Orange (Hedge Apple) and Willow.

I am not so sure how he does such things. But he loves to work with limbs from Native Trees. He and they seem to be engaged in a dance. He seeks to work with them to find out how they would like to be designed. And so it goes. I just love to watch him at work at such things. And I just love to enjoy the finished Art.

He also made the Bench at the base of the Arbor. (Over time, 2 more and perhaps a little table too will be added.) Some 16 years ago, he made the Bench for our Garden when we lived in North Dakota. The Bench was intended to be a "welcome" just inside the Garden Gate.

The Bench and Arbor are well at home here in its new place. Step by step, we 3 C's are well at home in our new place too.

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charkstudios said...

You seem to really enjoy nature and each other in this wonderful setting you call home!