Friday, April 29, 2011

Busy Bees

We made a major shift in Life Styles when we moved from our Life in the City where we bought a considerable amount of our own Food to a Life in the Country where we produce our Food, buy Local, and know our Farmers as much as is possible.  When we made that shift from City to Country Living, we could not know all the steps that we needed or the game plan we were on.  There were many unknowns, still are and will always be. I suppose it was a giant Leap of Faith.

However, as we settle into our Life here on this little Farm on the upcoming 4 year marker of our move, the Path seems increasingly clear.  We know more of what we need to make it work. 

Personally, I have always been fascinated by "energy flows".  I like to watch and put into action the detail of what makes things work efficiently and freely.  Living a more Agrarian Life Style than we 3 C's ever have before is an exercise of considerable complexity.  Our Ancestors knew that and they knew it well or they did not survive.  We 3 C's in contemporary times keep nibbling away at this creating workable energy flows. This surely is a long term initiative. We learn something new every day.

These days, we are working on Storage.  Jonathan got us started in the Basement.  Bless him!  Now, Richard and I are focusing on the Shed and the Garage.  In particular, we are working on more efficient and accessible Storage of our Garden Tools in the Shed (pots, flats, tools, and so on).  When we need just the right hand tool for a given Garden Task, we shouldn't have to hunt for it.

I hope that sometime soon that will evolve into a Potting Bench for me. Of course, we will all use it, but probably more so Melanie and me. My mind is a swirl of thoughts on this one. 

Plus, we are trying to make sense of Storage and Functions in the Garage.  Yesterday, Richard completed one more large set of Shelves.  Over the coming days, we will be organizing the "stuff" on those Shelves so that it works for us.

I love making order out of chaos and these are surely tests of the extent of that love. So far, it is not done, but our Progress looks and feels good. 

Yesterday was a very windy day.  Our Living Space on the property is largely "up" and "open".  Plus, the position of the Drive creates a "funnel", increasing the effect of the prevailing Wind.  When the Wind, blows we feel it.  We surely do need to look at what we can do to create sanctuary here, even when the Winds are blowing. This latter initiative will be a long term process. It is likely going to be for the fullest benefit for those future generations. 

Yes, we are Busy Bees around here. And that doesn't consider all the work that we are doing to get the Garden up and running for Gardening Season 2011. As we do our Walkabouts on the property, we note Ants busy on their hills, Birds busy crafting their nests.  We Humans aren't so different after all.

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