Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Just Say NO: Green Washing

More and more Consumers are concerned about making decisions which are sustainable and do not harm the Earth or our extended Family of Beings. Corporations are hearing those Voices. Unfortunately, many just slap on a "Green Label" and expect dumbed-downed Consumers to take the product dutifully off the shelves. Those actions by Corporations are called "Green Washing".

Be ever vigilant, Dear Friend. Much is at stake. Responsible Companies and Responsible Consumers will help guide us along our Paths. Further, that little Voice of Intuition often arises to let us know that we are on shaky ground.  And our Physical Bodies let us know too with an alertness that cannot be overlooked: "Pay attention."

Our favorite resources which have helped guide us to make Green Decisions include:  Green America (http://www.greenamerica.org/), the people in our buying club, health food stores, organic farmers, folks who gather at Farmer's Markets, Organic Consumers Association (http://www.organicconsumers.org/), Indigenous Environmental Network (http://www.ienearth.org/), Seed Savers Exchange (http://www.seedsavers.org/).  And the list goes on. 

Those who would dumb us down and make decisions based upon the endless and impossible satisfaction of their own greed cannot win.  Too much is at stake.  As a Human Species, we are waking up.

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