Friday, April 29, 2011

Glimpses of a Busy Day

We Humans move faster
on beautiful sunny days.
This one was no exception.
Up before 5
and before the sun,
Melanie and I,
accompanied by 2 billion others,
watched Royals wed.
We had good seats.
The hats we wore on this day
were Garden hats.
We checked in
on William and Catherine's news
throughout the day. 
We did Yoga.
Breakfast was quick.
We cleaned house.
I did 2 loads of wash
and hung them out to dry.
Our Amish neighbor
came over to use the phone.
We all shared what's going on.
Richard and Melanie
mowed yard and paths.
Richard used
the smaller push mower
and Melanie drove Betsy,
the lawn tractor.
I fixed lunch
while I caught glimpses
of them weaving about the yard.
They were on a mission.
It was one of those jobs:
"I gotta,
I don't wanna,
I'm gonna do it 
as quick as I can."
Zip zip zip
and it was done.
We all agree mowing lawn is 
a waste of time, money and gas
Plus, our culture's tidy lawn obsession
contributes to global warming
and uses up a non-renewable resource.
How can we cut back more?
We had lunch on the West Porch,
a 1st for the year.
Food smiled up at us: 
Egg Salad,
Mixed Green Salad
with Radishes and their Leaves,
a small bowl of Lentil Soup.
We ate lunch on the west porch,
a 1st for the year.

 Jenny Wren sang to us.
Melanie planted
Broccoli, Celeriac,
Kale, Parsley
in her Garden.
She moved
happy volunteer Lettuces
in the Garden to their new places.
Some plants took excursions outside:
Peppers, Tomatoes, Eggplants,
Lovage, Rosemary.
Phyllis, the Amorphyphallus Conjac,
made her 1st appearance
above the Soil line.
Melanie and I smiled big smiles.
"Welcome back, Phyllis."
Max and Scamp,
the Cats,
Scampy joined Max
in Scampy's favorite
and Max's favorite
Max tolerated that.
Scampy did not meet
Max's miffed gaze,
as if to say:
"If I don't see you,
I won't know
how much
you want to nap
alone in this chair."
I napped too.
We continued cleaning the garage
and moving stuff
into more functional groupings
on new shelves. 
Most immediately,
we are getting ready
for the Baby Peeps,
who arrive next week.
Yikes, that could be in 2 or 3 days.
Wow, this organizational system
may take 2 or 3 moves,
but it is going to be great.
We began
to drink water
from our Berkey.
No time to talk about that now.
We had Dinner.
Something Orange
flashed across the far meadow.
"Was it a Fox?"
Melanie and Richard were off.
No Fox.
Chickens were fine.
As the evening
and the Humans wound down,
I made Wild Persimmon Bars.
We ate Wild Persimmon Bars.
And we ate more Wild Persimmon Bars.
After many recent cool, gray, often rainy days,
we have been waiting
for a beautiful sunny day like this.
We just fly on such days.
Time for bed.
Glinda Crawford, 2011

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