Saturday, April 30, 2011

Getting Ready for Baby Peeps

Today Melanie spent time getting supplies and "rooms" ready for Baby Peeps.  She got boxes tidied up and put stacks of plain newsprint (without ink) liners in them. Baby Peeps poop a lot, you know. When the papers are soiled, she just pulls the top layer out exposing a clean layer below. She arranged "circles" of cardboard in the middle.  That is essential because otherwise the Baby Peeps would pile up and smother in the corners.   The cardboard and newsprint are remnants of our move 4 years ago. 

You will note that the boxes are up on pallets.  The garage is unheated.  At this season, the floor is cold and will be damp next to objects placed upon it.  Putting boxes up on pallets will contribute to good air flow and will keep the boxes from getting damp.  That means it will be healthier for the Baby Peeps.

Melanie rounded up all the supplies, cleaned them out and got them in order.  She brought food in close too.  We use a Chick Starter from Brad Whitaker.  It is organically grown and has higher protein. Our Baby Chicks have done really well on it.  They have been much healthier than when we used more conventionally grown products.  They seem much more vibrant.  (Shhh...the Boys taste far better too.)

We have 1 task left to do.  Richard needs to hang the warming lamps over the boxes.

Baby Peeps are in transit now.  When they arrive at the Post Office, the morning crew will give us a call to pick them up.  Quite possibly that call could come tomorrow.  It is more likely that it will come on Monday.

Our order is from Murray McMurray Hatchery out of Webster City, Iowa. It will include 40 White Rock Cockerels and 10 Buff Orpington "Straight Run".  Straight Run come pretty much as the Hennies laid them, so they will include males and females.  We are not sure the ratio, but it would be nice to add about 5 more Hennies to the flock.

Melanie noted that the arrival of the Baby Peeps is when things get really busy around here.  "See you in the late fall," she said.  We nodded our heads knowingly and smiled.

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