Friday, April 8, 2011

In Praise of Paragraphs

These last 2 days, I have had trouble accessing basic formatting when I have entered text. My Noble Friend, that function which divides text into paragraphs, was missing. I kept testing, and you may have noted that. I checked into the "help" screen and discovered other users were having the same problem. I also checked the "Edit Html" icon on my screen. And it appears that function was sleeping.

Then I switched to Mozilla Firefox. And the paragraph function works once again. I feel like I have reunited with my trusty Old Friend.

However, this switch may mean other unforeseen changes. Right away, I note that my screen doesn't exactly pass muster for my artistic eye. Dear Readers probably have not noted any difference.

Regardless, this entry lauds the simple beauty of paragraphs. My eye notes the space inbetween and that beginning to another part of Story being told.

The Reader may have no clue what I am talking about. And perhaps it does not matter. The writer is amused.

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Jane said...

Paragraphs are our friends! So are complete sentences - Rich will appreciate one of my least favorite questions from students: "do we have to use sentences?" followed shortly by: "But it's only science class!"

jane schuster