Thursday, April 21, 2011

Round Robin

In the last few months, Holly organized monthly "help" times between 6 homesteading families in our area.  The criteria was that we needed to be within "biking distance".  Once a month, we will go to one of the families and help out with tasks on their Farm.  This could be something they just don't seem to get to, or something that requires lots of hands.  The host couple will serve a lunch at mid day.

Today we went to John and Holly's and it was just great.  Two tasks presented themselves:  spring cleaning on the main level of their house, and painting in the basement.  The 2 groups that broke out were along gender lines.  The females focused on spring cleaning.  The males headed to the basement.  After an initial orientation as to how we might organize our task, we went to work.  At first we were slow.  Then we picked up speed.  By lunch time, the main level just sparkled.  We sparkled too, from our accomplishment.

I regret I did not go to the basement to see the progress of the guys.  I did observe the color of the paint as it was gently spattered on clothes and Noah's cheek. And I smiled.

Probably one of the things I liked most was the conversation where we just talked about who we were and what is important to us. People shared what was going on and challenges ahead.  Other folks had ideas.  It was just great.  We were all smiling by the end. 

It seems like when we stay focused solely on our own work on the Farm, we do make progress.  But today, we wove community.  I like that.  I have also been drawn toward working in groups of women to clean.  This felt ever so good. I am already looking forward to the next time.

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