Monday, April 11, 2011


I am seeking Heirloom Plants for the creation of the Grandmothers' Flower Garden at our farm home.  I am especially focused on "story plants" with rich histories in Adair County, which is where we reside. My highest focus are plants which have histories in our family and the communities of our ancestors. The Ft. Madison, Willmathsville, and Trinity Communities would be high up there on the Hart/South side.  The north end of Kirksville is also a draw, with connections to Croatian immigrants. However, I am not limiting my search to family connections. 

My intention is to create a garden space and home which honor the integration of the stories of the ancestors with the present and the future.  For too long, the people of my tribe have carelessly tossed away the past.  I choose not to live there.  But I choose to learn from the lessons of those who have gone before.  I choose to honor their story as a part of my own.

I am excited to talk to folks about this.  This is a long term process.  It is true that I already have some plants with earlier connections.  Maybe they are just a taste.  I want more.  I think the ancestors would smile.

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