Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Planting Calendar: Spring

April 25-May 30: Green Beans (Bush)
May 1-15: Cow Peas
May 1-July 20: Sweet Corn
May 10-20: Green Beans (Pole)
May 10-20: Muskmelon
May 10-20: Watermelons
May 10-20: Peanuts
May 10-25: Limas (Bush)
May 10-25: Soy Beans, Edible
May 10-25: Dry Beans
May 10-25: Okra
May 10-30: Cucumbers
May 15-25: Eggplant
May 15-25: Limas (Pole)
May 15-30: Squash
May 15-30: Peppers
May 15-30: Tomatoes
May 15-June 5: Sweet Potato (Plants)
May 20-30: Pumpkins
Source: Missouri U. Extension Vegetable Planting Calendar, G 6201 (The Extension calendar divides this by veggie.  I just put it together as above.  Since we plant a lot, it made more sense for me to see the "big picture" altogether. Time is marching on.  It's pretty exciting!)

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