Tuesday, June 5, 2012


It continues to be dry in these parts.  Forecasts show that we have "10%" chance of rain today, tomorrow, and Thursday.  Ten day forecast suggests 70% chance of rain on Monday. 

I have to say that it is kind of scary to see the bleak possibilities of rain.  Gardens and gardeners need rain to flourish. We need a certain range of cycles to grow food and that is serious matter.  We are completely dependent on the capacity of the planet to give life. 

Shopping at the grocery store gives a false illusion that food is available any time that you want it.  It simply is not so.  Such illusions contribute to an illiteracy about what it takes to sustain life. 

I noted that the sky almost looked "desert like" when I was on my way into town today.  That's not a proper sky for this place in the mid west.

Many indigenous peoples believe there is an intimate bond between humans and the Earth. Humans can actually influence the consciousness and the cycles of the Earth by their thoughts and their deeds.  Seems like praying for Rain would be a good idea.  Seems like praying for a planet which returns to normal cycles is good idea.  Now.

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