Saturday, June 16, 2012


We looked outside at the end of the rain, and Melanie yelled that the 2 Roosters were fighting.  The Humans immediately sprang into action.  I am not sure what happened to break them apart.

For the last 2 years we have had 2 Roosters. Freddie is a Buff Orpington.  He was in our 1st flock of Littles when we moved here 5 years ago.  Freddie is an exceptional Rooster.  He takes very good care of his Hennies, all 40 some of them.  That's a stretch and a continual test by any form of imagination.  Rooster duties include: being on constant alert for predators, giving the call if he sees one, finding food for the Hennies, feeding them, and insuring that Eggs are fertile and the species continues.  Yes, 40 Hens seemed a bit much 2 years ago and we began looking for a 2nd Rooster.  I should also note that Freddie is gorgeous and he has a beautiful crow.  Even this morning he began crowing inside the house about 3:30am.

We have had several Roosters, most of whom have not worked out.  That would include tangling with Freddie.  There is only room for one dominant Rooster on this Farm.  Any Rooster that does not know his place will be shortly dispatched either to someone who needs a Rooster or into the next Realm.  We like to think we run a "non-violent operation" here and we indeed do.  But this is one line which is important not to cross.

"Del" (otherwise known as "Ippety") is a lovely Delaware Rooster.  He is Rooster #2.  For most of his life (2 years), he has deferred to Freddie, insuring a calmer Chicken Flock (and Farm) and insuring that he has a place in these parts.  However, the last few weeks he has shown increasing aggression toward some of the Hennies.  The Humans were increasingly uncomfortable with this.

We don't know what happened this evening, but at the end of the storm the 2 Roosters were in full fight.  We don't know how long they had tangled. And we don't know what set them off.  Did the Rain and Storm factor in this?  When they were broken up, they were both in tough shape, especially Dear Freddie.  Both were a little wobbly.  Both had scrapes.  Both would occasionally crow.  Del's crow, which has never been distinctive, was definitely off.  Freddie's crow initially was just about more than he could muster.  They were quite the picture too, as both were soaking wet. 

We talked this new situation over.  It seems a little strange time to do this as we were celebrating Father's Day.  Oh, well. 

For tonight, Del is in the Brooder House which means he is going nowhere.  They are being kept apart.  Freddie is in the "hospital" in the main coop.  He's right there where he belongs with his Hennies.  If Del and Freddie don't return to a "calm", we will be looking for a new home for Del. Freddie is older and we don't know how he will respond.  Although he can be cantankerous, he sure has won our hearts over the years.

Yes, it is somber in these parts.  The equanimity of the Farm is a bit off.

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