Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Venus Transit: We Tried

We tried, but I guess it was not supposed to be.  At the appointed hour and for as long as the Sun would shine, we checked if we could see Venus transiting the Sun.  No go. 

We tried all kinds of "tools" with round holes against white foam core board and the white shed.  We tried flower pots, several colanders, a toilet paper tube, funnels, a DVD, the Weber grill cover.  Venus continued to elude us.

We kept checking the Guardian web site for updates.  One of the videos showed a man with a scope pointed with the small end away from the Sun.  Melanie and I were off like a shot.  We grabbed the scope.  I rang the bell for Richard, while Melanie and I headed straight for the shed.  Unfortunately at that point, the Sun was running into clouds. 

We came to conclude:  We didn't need to see it.  We just knew that Venus was transiting the Sun. 

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