Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Full Weekend

Dave, Calvin and Isabel joined us for a couple of days as they were launching their big trip out west.  It was simply great to have them here.  The Farm likes the increased activity and the buoyancy of kids.  Farms are simply great places for kids (adults too).

The kids spent some time exploring.  Isabel had her special books to explore.  Calvin was joined by Friend Finn.  Calvin had lots of questions about the chickens.  The baby Peeps found great fascination with him in their yard.  That led to some jumping up and down by the Human.  Those little Chicken pecks are unexpected and persistent.
Melanie planned some of our favorite culinary delights to share.  Calvin and Dave helped pick Black Raspberries, which are at  peak.  Melanie had the fixin's for Black Raspberry Sherbet all set to go.  The familiar sound of the grinding of the Ice Cream Freezer could be heard.  Kids (and adults) seemed to be drawn to it and the magic that was stirring on the inside. 

And why not invite some more company?  Melanie invited some folks down south to join in the culinary delights and to share music on the deck. This was just sheer fun.
 She made Cookies.  They were gluten free and were they ever yummy.
She kept checking in on the Sherbet.  Her trained ears can pick out the sound as to when the sherbet is done.  And off goes the top.  And out come the bowls and spoons. Finn said it was just the best ice cream he had ever had:  either homemade or storebought.  It was yummy.
Dave brings out the bean bags and commences a bit of juggling, much to the fascination of Calvin, Finn, and other onlookers too.

We chow down on the goodies and the music begins.  The Farm just loves the addition of music. Mark and Ariel join in. This is so magical.  You never know what exactly is going to pop up.  Whatever it is, it will be good.

Some even took time for some Hide and Seek.  The little rock sculpture took on a little rearranging, which Finn and Calvin tried to fix.  We will have to see about this one.  Maybe Mike (who was the Creator) can do a "re-do" some time when he is here.
As the evening light was waning, Dave begins to tell the story of the Lorax from memory.  This was so much fun.  Sometimes Isabel would join in with words.  And meanwhile, Finn was improvising visualizations of the actions in the story.  The deck was alive.

The lovely evening passed quickly.  Soon the 3 visitors from the Possibility Alliance put on their headlamps, packed up their musical treasures, and headed into the night on their bicycles for the 3 mile ride down south.  What a beautiful evening.

The next day, Melanie and Richard fixed Pancakes and Bacon.  I was in charge of embellishments.  We each got to ornament our plates to our tastes.
All too soon, the car was packed, and Isabel, Dave, and Calvin were in the car headed down the drive.  Calvin took a brief turn in the driver's seat.  And at the top of the drive, they took up their places in their seats for the long drive ahead. Albuquerque was the next stop.  And we were ever so grateful that they stopped here too.  Beautiful travels, dear family.

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