Sunday, June 3, 2012


It's always fun to share random snapshots of the season.  Peas are just past peak production.  Richard has been freezing snap and shell peas.  This will be slowing.  Potatoes are just beginning to come on.  We will surely be down in production due to the effects of repeated frosts on the plants that were emerging from the soil.  Onions are setting bulbs.  Green Onions will soon be on decline.

There are several dishes which just say "Richard's Mom" all over them.  One of those is New Peas and Potatoes in a Cream Sauce.  We add Onions.  I am not sure if she did.  She would not have used snap peas but rather used shell. 

We continue to reclaim recipes from the past and update them for our specific needs.  We used Coconut Milk instead of Cow's Milk due to our needs to reduce and eliminate Dairy.  Richard's Mom surely would have said:  "Coconut Milk. What will they think of next?" 

We make visits to the Cane field to check out the progress of the Sorghum Cane which is at Seedling Stage.  The chickens are checking it out too.  Richard added hills for Pumpkins and Melons on the east and west sides.
The Hollyhocks on the south side of the garage are sure happy.  Hollyhocks are known to thrive in poor conditions.  This is a particularly dry area and the soil is "construction fill".  Seedlings have a tough time getting started as they seem to be devoured by the Flea Beetles.  Once they get started and are in the right place, they look just beautiful.  We need more Hollyhocks.  A Farm is not complete without Hollyhocks.  Meanwhile, Wilbur the pig stands guard.
The pink Wild Roses are in full bloom.  I am not sure if this is the dreaded "Multiflora Rose" which was brought to the region by the Missouri Department of Conservation for wildlife habitat and food.  Well, that Rose took over and became a bane to the existence of farmers.  It is not the first time we have tried to "improve nature" with dubious results. 

This rose likes to grow at the edge of our woods.  When it first opens, it is a dark pink.  The larger it is out the more faded it becomes.  These days, they are just beautiful.
My morning walk took me into the woods which are a luscious green.  Looking more closely, one can see that the surface soil is dry in the woods.

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