Sunday, June 3, 2012

Lunar Eclipse

Partial lunar eclipse will occur in these parts Monday, June 4.  Partial eclipse begins at 5am CDT.  Greatest eclipse occurs at 6:03am CDT.  Partial eclipse ends at 7:06am CDT.  Data are from NASA (

It looks like it may be partly cloudy here.  Most certainly, we will take rain over viewing the eclipse.

I am thrilled to watch photos of children through elderly watching such spectacular events for 2 reasons that I know.  Awe, even reverence, is apparent.  Awe is so missing in our times.  Yet, the Earth provides glimpses of awe at every turn.  Why would we want to miss it?  Plus, this is something that we do together.  It taps a tender and vibrant place in our shared humanity.  Maybe it is in a small way part of the bedrock of what it means to be Human and a truly living Being of this place.  Enjoy, Fellow Journeyer.

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