Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Observations While Blueberry Picking

  1. When the Robins show up in the Blueberry Bushes, Berries are ripe and it is time to pick.  Moral of the Story: "Don't tarry if you want Berries."
  2. I headed outside with my little bucket in which to put the Blueberries and my bigger bucket on which to sit.
  3. I tried to remember to thank the Blueberry Bush with each treasured Berry that came into my hand.
  4. I tried to remember to pick only those Blueberries which came off readily in my hand.  It is as if the Bush was offering them to me.  To tug on the Berries (as in a tug of war) is to yield a Berry which is not yet ripe.  It's worth the wait. The solid blue ones above are the best.  A little pink?  Please wait.
  5. Meanwhile, Robins retreated nearby. I could hear their chatter.  Were they saying:  "When will she go?"
  6. Unbeknownst to me, Mačka had found our spot and was hunting for Robins.  She didn't have any success.  But it was like she too was "farming". 

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