Saturday, June 2, 2012


I have recently connected with a family who live just north of the area where my matrilineal ancestral family has its origins in northern Adair County.  Their daughter is married to Richard's nephew.  What intrigues me is that they live on a "century" farm, which surely indicates to me that their ancestors were neighbors, friends or acquaintances of of my own.

Sometimes I think the ancestors give us nudges to reconnect with old stories and to create new.  Today may have been one of those nudges.  It was opening day for the community blueberry farm and there they were.  I must admit I forgot I had come to pick blueberries.  My bucket for blueberries was empty, but I hardly noticed.  My bucket for family history was in receiving mode.

Morris said he remembered his family buying sheep from a woman named Hart and herding those sheep up the dirt road to their farm.  He would have been about 5, making the year 1939.  I asked if it was Lula Hart and of course he did not remember.  Jess (or Jesse) Hart, Aunt Lu's husband, died December 23, 1939.  It would make sense that she might be selling off some livestock. She would have been 56.

On the way home, I remembered that Phyllis had sent a picture of her Great Grandfather Jess Hart shearing sheep.  So I posted it here.  I am wondering if these are the kind of sheep?  It may be difficult to tell.  Morris says they purchased Shropshire Sheep on that day. (

I am closing this little entry with a picture of Aunt Lula, assumed to have been taken in the early 1950s.  Life seems to be composed of lots of circles.  I sure don't want to miss any.

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