Friday, June 29, 2012

Hot and Dry

WeatherUnderground reports it is going to be cooler today than yesterday.  That translates to a predicted high of "99".  We laughed.  Some of the old language comes up:  "Now that's a fine 'how do you do'."  "It's hotter'n' a biscuit out there."  "You could fry an egg on the sidewalk."  Modern translation: " Great day for the solar oven.  We'll use the sun's heat and that heat will stay out of the house."

Clemens is beginning staining the exterior of the house today.  He is using his sprayer and Richard is assisting in getting things ready, especially making sure things are safe when Clemens is at the higher levels.  Judging by their start, the wood on the house is really thirsty.  He is surely making progress.  It looks like we will need more stain. 

Melanie is out picking Blackberries.  Blackberries dry up pretty quickly in the heat.  I better head out to pick a few before breakfast.

We are getting smarter on the heat.  We work outside in the early morning and late evening.  We know the pattern of closing and opening the house.  We turned the air on in the main part of the house for the first time yesterday.  We'll use it when we need it, but we will try to keep our contribution to climate change on the lower side.  The fires in the western states are a sure reminder that we better do something.  And fast.

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