Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Cake Was Superb

And I surely have to post an entry on the cake. Teri and Brian did a simply fantastic job on the cake. This is the last blog entry that Teri has made on the cake. 

I have to share some kind of funny stories related to the cake. We had a lot of left over food, which we gave away with abandon to so many who had lovingly helped with the festivities. (We did not give away cake because it was largely gone to just some crumbs.  Yes, there were other reasons we didn't give those crumbs away too.) 

The food for the feast became "seeds" for several sweet functions. When 3 year old Shivani was here with her Mom, we were offering up food for her Grandpa's 77th birthday celebration which they were hosting. "What do you need?" While her Mom was reluctant at first, we were thrilled to share. After a bit of time, Shivani said in her very quiet voice: "I would take some cake." I also noted that 5 children/adolescents made a special and exuberant trip into the house seeking the cake as festivities were closing. There were adults who sought out the cake too. 

I just am stunned at all the work that Brian and Teri put into this. This was a very big commitment and adventure into the unknown. Thank you Teri and Brian!

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